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We had an amazing second full season thanks to everyone who rented from us. We are so thankful for the opportunity to serve this community and provide this service to the region. As we grow and learn more each season we are hoping to better meet the demand next season, plus make renting even easier for everyone!

Our big goal next year is to be able to spend more time on the rivers and lakes with you! We want to be able to provide you with the skills and experience to explore our region safely. We are hoping to offer more courses so you can adventure on your own, or join us on some of our multi day trips to experience our region, enjoy some great food, and create life long memories.

As Paddle Canada Instructors when we take you out you will be learning the industry standard for canoeing and paddleboarding! Making sure you are safe for future adventures to come. We are constantly learning, and practicing our skills to make sure when we take you out on adventures that you are safe, but also learning!

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