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Layering for Winter Adventures

Get ready for your next adventure and be prepared to go outside

We are going to go into more detail of what layers might look like but we thought we would provide an overview of what different layers you might want to have with you or be dressed in when it comes time to head outside. By having multiple layers you can be bold and start cold, but also layer up when your activity level decreases and you need something to warm up with.


Base Layers

Men's base layers... lets talk about undies! Not the cotton tighty whities that gramps wears around the house, but a good base layer. When looking for something in base layer we recommend finding something that keeps your warm, but also dry. There are options; the polypropelene type, they are great at keeping you warm, and moisture wicking. If they get worn lots, they stink and stays on them like white on rice.

They other downside is if you get too close to the fire to warm up they can melt leading to holes in them amongst other issues. The other option is a wool, not the itchy ones that you can't wait to take off, but this is merino wool. Soft, warm, moisture wicking with antimicorbial components to keep the smell down if you happen to be wearing it days on end! It is also fireresistant, so when you need to warm up by the fire you don't need to worry about it melting on you!

Woman's base layers... the undie talk, not the over the shoulder boulder holder granny wears, or those lace ones that don't keep you warm but something that you can wear over top of either of those! Something long legges and long sleeved to keep you warm while outside! We talked about being bold, and starting cold a few days ago these layers will help you do that! Plus if you get warm and sweaty, they will keep the moisture away to prevent you from getting that chill when you slow down. Options are always a good thing, and with base layers there are lots! We will focus on two types; Polypropelene or a blend vs Merino Wool. For the ladies looking to avoid smell if out for a few days we would suggest merino wool as it will hold its shape, plus the anti microbial properties will keep that smell off. The polypropelene offers a similiar moisture wicking cabilitiy but when that moisture is wicked away it stays in the material leaving a scent to be less than desired which may or may not be the end goal depending on the company you are in.



As temperatures are starting to drop we continue our series on layering. We have figured out what best to wear to replace those tighty whites and stay warm, so now unless you want to walk around in long johns we best provide you with some knowledge nuggets to keep insulated. We recommend either a light puffy jacket, either synthetic insulation #oilandgas like a fleece, or a jacket with coreloft insulation, or you can go with a light down jacket as well.

This article will give you that warmth you deserve when out adventuring or when you have slowed down after getting your sweat on and don't want to catch a chill. One thing to consider is being able to take this on and off quickly, if you can stow it in a stuff sack to minimize space if you are heading out to Whisky Jack lake and have a pack with you, or other adventures with the little ones and throw it in the stroller!

Well ladies, don't think we have forgeotten about you and what layers we recommend, not just #layerwellness either. We covered base layers, and unless you are maybe doing one of #emilygales shoots you will likely want to have some insulation layers to stay warm! We recommend grabbing something warm and fuzzy, maybe a fleece from #sproutingfawn, or even a puffy down jacket, or something with synthetic insulation from #NorthernPetEmporium. This will keep you warm weather you are at the rink watching the future great one learn to skate, or out at #VistaRidge! Either way make sure you have an insulating layer over top of your base layer to keep you warm and comfortable while you out adventuring!



We have now come to the final piece of gear, the shell! This piece of gear provides not much in the way of insulation, but should provide everything in the way of wind and water protection. This is achieved by using a waterproof breathable material, the most common one being Gore-Tex. Many outdoor brands have shells with Gore-Tex, but also offer their verison of a waterproof shell as well.

The big thing when looking for a shell is something that will repel water, but also we strongly suggest finding a jacket that when turned inside out has all of its seams taped. Depening on the quality and price point of the jacket will change how this looks. When these seams are taped it prevents any of that rain from coming through!

The other point to consider is how breathable you want/need your jacket to be! If you are doing some high output activity you will want this jacket to be very breathable or else you will be soaked from the inside out, even if following the other layering steps we have mentioned.

For a recap of all of the above, if you want to watch and learn instead of read, we recommend checking out this very informative video.

Stay safe, stay warm, stay dry!

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